4 Wardrobe Basics You Need

Happy Fashion Friday!

Two of my all time favorite fashion icons are Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn.  Their classic, effortlessly chic style, embodied an elegance that made bold statements, yet were so simple. 

Both Audrey & Jackie (I’ll use first names and pretend as if they were my girlfriends) have inspired a great deal of my wardrobe, especially when it comes to work attire.

Here is a list of my four all-time favorite pieces, which I think every woman should have in her closet.

1. Little Black Dress

With so many styles to choose from, the “LBD” can take you from work to a night out on the town in a flash.  Choose a style that suits your body best; don’t always go by what the latest style or cut is; I often find that the “hot trends” don’t look as good on me as the classics do.

A Fun Pick:

Express Rouched Mesh Strap Dress

2. White Button-Up Shirt

Nothing says “classic” like a crisp, white, button-up shirt.  Opt for one with stretch, form-fitting cotton, to give you a clean, streamlined look.  Make sure to choose one that fits well — you don’t want a shirt with buttons that look like they’re ready to pop off and go flying across the room.  Choose your sleeve length (i.e., long, short, sleeveless) depending on the season.

A Top Pick:

Express Essential Stretch Long-Sleeved Shirt

3. Black Pencil Skirt

This is going to show off that smokin’ bod you have, so make sure to look for one with a lining (to reduce cling), and made, in part, of spandex.  Dress is up or down as much as you want with shoes & accessories, and you’re ready to go for a casual dinner date or a formal work event.

A Top Pick:

Express High Waist Buckle Back Pencil Skirt

4. Trenchcoat

I must admit: it’s hard for me sometimes to put aside my comfy North Face fleece in the colder months.  But, there are definitely occasions where the fleece just isn’t fitting.  For those times, a trenchcoat is often a perfect choice.  A well-tailored trench will instantly amp the sophisitication of your look; go with neutral colors (black, tan, brown) for more every-day use, or opt for a fun, bright red or purple to add a little pizazz to your overall outfit.

A Top Pick (which I also own):

Old Navy Belted Waist Trenchcoat

Have I missed anything?

Fashion Question for Today:

Tell me what wardrobe classic YOU can’t live without, and where you got it! 🙂