We Be Chillin’

It’s been a pretty “chill” day in this household today.

Jay and I originally had plans to meet up for breakfast with some of our friends, but unfortunately, hubby woke up with a migraine this morning and has been on the couch all day. Poor guy…I used to get migraines; they are no joke. 😳

So after realizing our morning plans were given the kibosh, I decided to lace up my sneaks for a run on the treadmill. I completed 4.25 miles in just under 40 minutes, by doing various intervals throughout. I felt great! AND, I must say…it’s quite nice to actually have a TV in front of the treadmill to watch now!


This morning Austin Powers was on, which provided a few good laughs. It definitely makes the time go by much quicker. 🙂

After showering up and eating a quick breakfast of toast with PB + pumpkin cream cheese + banana slices (YAY for recycled photos!) 😉

I went and took care of our grocery shopping for the week. I grabbed an iced coffee with skim milk on my way to the store; I don’t know what it is, but I almost always need something to sip on while perusing through the aisles. 😛


Once I got home, I did some laundry…which is always a favorite of mine (notice the sarcasm?) and caught up on some magazines. Believe it or not, I still have two more waiting for me. 😯


Then it was time to just be lazy. Cody got in on the action too.


But I DID make sure he was up to see the Jets get their victory today. WOOO HOOO!

He was obviously just as excited as me. 😉


After the game, it was time to make some dinner. I already planned on having some of our leftover Bruschetta Chicken Bake, but I decided to whip up a snazzy green bean dish to go along with the meal.


After cooking up the green beans, I sautéed them up in a little balsamic vinaigrette dressing, mixed with tomato and onion. It was super quick, and hubby looooved em!

Balsamic Green Beans with Tomato & Onion


  • 1 lb. fresh green beans, ends trimmed, cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1/4 cup light balsamic vinaigrette dressing (I used Newman’s Own Light Balsamic)
  • 1 small tomato, diced
  • 1/2 cup chopped red onion
  • 1/2 tsp minced garlic
  • 1/2 tsp Garlic Gold
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • Drizzle lemon juice


  1. Place green beans in 2qt saucepan filled with 1 inch water. Bring to a boil; reduce heat to low and cook 6-8 minutes until crisp tender. Drain green beans and rinse immediately with cold water. Put aside.
  2. Using a medium skillet over medium heat, cook onions in balsamic dressing about 3-4 minutes, until tender. Stir in tomatoes, garlic, garlic gold, and salt. Simmer 5 minutes.
  3. Add green beans, stir to combine, and allow to heat through. Drizzle with lemon juice right before serving. ENJOY! 😛


This stuff is just as good the second time around. YUM!!



I’m thinking maybe a movie is in order this evening? I need a little somethin’ to combat those Sunday blues. I think I need to go check out my video stash! 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Question for the Evening:

What’s the last good movie YOU saw??

I Want Pancakes…

Why is it that everything always seems to be so incredibly hectic before leaving on a vacation?!? Between trying to pack, making sure bills are paid, and cleaning the house, I definitely have my work cut out for me this weekend!

This morning, Jay and I had a few things to run out and take care of. Surprisingly, I was easily able to convince him to pick up a couple iced coffees. Score.


For breakfast, quick and easy was the name of the game, so I went with a classic favorite: A Yogurt Mess. 🙂


A vanilla flavored Chobani topped with some strawberries, blueberries, Bear Naked Fit granola, & some Quaker Oatmeal Squares. I promise, the yogurt is there. It was feeling a little camera shy…


Here I am!”


It was delicious, but it doesn’t quite compare to the pancakes I’ve totally been craving all morning. I know it’s got to have something to do with the delicious stack that passed by me while I was waiting in line for my coffee this morning.


The site of them alone was killer, but getting a whiff of that sweet, syrupy aroma put me over the edge. Damn that Spillin’ the Beans! 😉

Now it’s time to get back to some more cleaning and packing…I’m determined to have most of it done TODAY so I can just relax tomorrow and not be rushing around like a mad woman. Like I usually am…

Later this afternoon, we’re headed over to Jay’s parents’ house for his Mom’s birthday barbecue. Rumor has it, there may be another ice cream cake involved… 😯

Hope you’re all having a fantastic Saturday!!

Question for the Day:

What’s your favorite “indulgent” breakfast?

Mine is definitely a big ‘ol stack of pancakes, with lots of syrup. YUMM! 🙂

A Shaky Start…

Well my friends, let me tell you, it has been QUITE a day!

Luckily, things started off pretty smoothly with our drive from Albany over to Hartford, CT. Jay and I got to chat along the way and watch the sun rise, which came along with the prettiest colored pink sky.


I laughed to myself when Jay brought up the saying, “Red……….” but I guess the same holds true for travelers…

I got to the airport in CT with no problems, and even had time to spare with checking in. However, my trip through security brought about roadblock #1. You see, I thought I had done really well with my packing, making sure that all liquids were the correct size, stored correctly, etc… Well apparently, I wasn’t thinking that hair products were included in that (DUH) and I had them in my carry-on. Before I knew it, BOOM, confiscated. Looks like somebody just made out with a brand new bottle of Redken hairspray and foam mousse. Hey Mom, looks like I’m going to need another one of those when I get back! 😳

I shook it off, realizing things could have been a lot worse, and decided to get myself settled with some breakfast. I made a pit-stop at Dunkin’ Donuts, ordering a veggie egg white flatbread sandwich, along with a toasted almond flavored iced coffee. It was my first time trying the toasted almond flavor and I must say, I am definitely a fan! 🙂



After boarding my plane, on came along roadblock #2. Our flight, which was due to connect in Baltimore, was delayed due to storms. Ok, no prob, we’ll just sit it out for a few extra minutes. Then the pilot announced that the Baltimore airport was shut down. Then I panicked. Then I realized I’d already been sitting on the plane for 35 minutes…

Finally, we were in the air, 45 minutes behind schedule. By the time we got into Baltimore, my connecting flight was long gone…roadblock #3. And after talking with the women at the counter, (who were incredibly rude by the way!) I was basically told that since my tickets were “Standby” passes, I was lowest on the priority list and it would be highly unlikely that I would leave on a Southwest flight today. Roadblock #4…awesome.

Following a mini breakdown in the middle of the Baltimore airport and a handful of calls to Jay, we figured that my best bet would be to just buy a ticket on another airline. At first I was angry, but then I just said “screw it” – I wanted OUT!

So I bought my ticket to Chicago and hopped onto another airline…which I then found out only flew into O’Hare Airport. My checked luggage was on its way to Midway Airport. Roadblock #6. Another mini-meltdown ensued. Followed by more phone calls. Which finally led to a game plan, thanks to Jay. A little research determined that a shuttle ride from one airport to the other would be my best bet, so that was the plan. Once I was finally able to sit down and take a breath, it was already 12:00 (a full hour after I should have already been in Chicago) and I realized I was hungry.

I snacked on about a gazillion handfuls of Vanilla Goldfish Grahams…


…and a Banana Streusel muffin that I packed for myself.


Finally, I was Chicago-bound!

To give you the short version of the rest of my day…


  • Arrived in Chicago after sitting between a man was nauseating B.O. and a woman who was constantly sneezing and blowing her nose.
  • Enjoyed a Sprite Zero, because it kept my nose out of other nauseating smells…


  • Went to grab the shuttle that Jay arranged for me…after waiting an extra 20 minutes and calling, turns out the driver got a FLAT TIRE and was not coming to for pick up.
  • Attempted another shuttle and missed it by 5 minutes.
  • Rode on the “L” train for my first time solo…sat surrounded by a guy who had no idea about “personal space” and a group of young teenagers bragging about their latest theft binge…
  • Took the train back to Midway from O’Hare to get my luggage that was left.
  • Picked up a hommus plate from Starbucks because I was absolutely FAMISHED…



  • Finally met up with Hillary at Midway, got back on the “L” and headed to the hotel.
  • Just finished getting ready, and now we’re off to a par-taryyyy!

Thanks for reading about my horrific travel day. Let’s hope for smooth sailin’ from here on out! 😀


Beware of Coupons

This afternoon while out running errands I decided I needed an iced coffee. Surprised? No, me either. Luckily, I found one of these to use out of our Entertainment Book, so I figured hey, free coffee? Why not?


I ordered a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla iced coffee.


After one sip, I think I probably made a face comparable to this:


Just like drinking pure syrup through a straw…so into the garbage it went

Then I went and negated the “free” aspect of it all and got a new iced coffee…


…and ended up with a face much more like this:


And my afternoon was complete.


Tonight we had a softball game, which concluded with a victory cookout, as always. 😉


The grill was nice and full tonight! Can you guess which item was mine???


If you guess the veggie burger, you guessed right! Sometimes, when I know there aren’t going to be too many healthy options, I take the situation into my own hands and bring my own. This way, I still felt like I could enjoy the cookout, without depriving myself. It just takes a little extra planning. 😉


I had my Morningstar Farms veggie burger on a potato bun with a little ketchup & mustard. It was super yum. I also snacked on some pretzels that were there too.


Then, Mom brought out the big guns. It appeared as though somebody spent a little extra time in the kitchen today! She whipped up a batch of brownies, but oh no, these were not just any ordinary brownies. These were Snickers Brownies.


Oh yes. Warm, gooey, fudgy, Snickers-filled brownies. Complete with chunks of caramel, nougat, and peanuts. I had one…then I had another…then somehow, half of another one ended up in my mouth. And if I didn’t cover the pan back up promptly, it’s quite possible the pan would have been demolished. 😯 They were amazing. Thanks, Mom! 😛

I have a FULL “To-Do” list on my hands for tomorrow to try to get ready before leaving on Thursday!!

Question for the Night:

Do you ever use coupons to try new foods or beverages?

A Free Saturday Morning…Where Am I?

It’s another beautiful Saturday here in Upstate, and since I had a free morning, a trip to the Farmers Market was definitely on the agenda! 😎

Before heading out, I woke up nice and early to get my workout all finished for the day. I did the 40 minute Rock Hard Total Body Workout from Exercise on Demand, and it totally rocked my booty! I’m finding that I really like this workout, and it’s been a good switch from my usual BodyPump for a little while. If you have access to Exercise on Demand, and you’re up for a challenge, I’d definitely recommend you try this workout:

“This strength training workout from Body By Jake will get your entire body moving. Learn challenging muscle building moves that will take your workout to the next level while you watch your body change without expensive weight training equipment. Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to seriously sweat it out with this full body workout.”

After showering and getting ready, I grabbed a quick breakfast on the run, since I only had a few minutes before meeting up with Kate.

I had an ugly (but delicious) baby banana & two Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. My supply of these is dwindling…I’m getting sad. 😦



(Please ignore the ghetto nail polish sample on my thumb…I was testing out some colors yesterday.) 😉

I realize this probably wasn’t the best “breakfast” to eat after an intense workout, but I was also taking into account the fact that I would be snacking on various samples while at the market too.

The market was definitely hoppin’ today! So many goodies to choose from. I would seriously have no problem dropping $50+ if I had that much cash on me. 😯

Ginormous tomatoes!


Pretty flowers 🙂 


So ever since the beginning of the Farmers Market season, Kate and I have been eyeballing this crazy concoction called a “pizza scone” at one of the vendors. We’ve passed it up every time, but today Kate bit the bullet and decided to try it out. After we both had a bite, we decided that it was definitely just like pizza! It almost tasted like dough + sauce, with the cheese on the top. Crazy, but totally delish!


As I walked in door after getting home, I was greeted by this guy who was definitely somewhere where he knows he does not belong!

Oh crap, I’m busted…”


We had a talk and straightened things out. He apologized.

Alright, so here’s my goods from today:  



Tomatoes!! 😀


Multigrain Bread


Blizzard Butter for Mom to try!


And of course, an iced coffee with skim milk to top off my morning trip. 😛


I also picked up some fresh corn on the cob, romaine lettuce, some chives, and a cucumber. All of this cost me Jay $20.00, which is probably more than I’d pay at the grocery store, but I really don’t mind. I love buying things locally when I can!


Time to go make some lunch and head out for a little poolside action. 😎 Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday!

Question for the Day:

When visiting a Farmers Market (or grocery store) do you go with a list or a budget or do you just buy whatever looks good?

“You Are Beautiful”

This morning I made sure to get myself all settled & situated in front of the TV, with my breakfast, by 8:30 so I’d be able to watch Caitlin on the Today Show!

Waiting patiently…


You Go Girl!!


Caitlin totally rocked her interview this morning. She was absolutely stunning, elegant, well poised, and beyond inspirational. I probably would have been rambling on like a fool!

I’ve always found Operation Beautiful to be one of the most amazing movements I’ve ever followed, but I couldn’t help but feel that much more inspired after watching this morning’s segment. Seeing just how far something as simple as a friendly, positive note can go, and the difference it can make, really is just phenomenal. Not only am I proud of Caitlin, but I am so especially proud to be a part of such a supportive, caring community of girls (and guys) who all believe that we really can make a difference. Changing the world, one Post-It at a time!

*In case you missed the segment, you can click here to watch her interview with Meredith!


While watching the Today Show, I enjoyed one of the most incredible batches of overnight oats EVER!!


Last night when I got home from my softball game (which we WON, YAY!) I whipped up a quick batch of overnighters to enjoy for the morning.

In the bowl:

  • 1/3 cup wheatberries
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • Golden raisins
  • Cinnamon & nutmeg


While the oats themselves were incredibly creamy and delicious, it was (once again) the toppings that stole the show.

  • 1 tbsp PB2
  • 1-1/2 crumbled Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies! 😛


Holy DELICIOUS!! I think I need to have these cookies on hand at all times, if for nothing else than a topping for oats. The bites with chocolate chips were such a sweet treat!

I also had a glass of iced coffee (YES, finally made some of my own!) with vanilla almond milk. I didn’t do half bad! 😉


**Have you entered for your chance to win 6 bags Food Should Taste Good chips yet??** If not, make sure to check out the GIVEAWAY ASAP. I’ll randomly be choosing a winner later this afternoon! Remember, you have up to 5 chances to win!

Question for the Morning:

What would your anonymous Operation Beautiful post-it note say?

The UPS Man Makes Me Giddy

Who doesn’t love getting fun packages in the mail? Really. Whenever I see the UPS truck stop in front of my house, I always get so giddy with suspense, so curious as to what could be making its way to my door. (Have I mentioned I can be a big nerd sometimes?) 😉

Well yesterday I got myself all in a tizzy when I saw the UPS man, decked out in his hot brown shorts, come walking up to my door with not one, but TWO boxes – BOTH for me! Yesssss.

The first box was the second item that I ordered with my credit to CSN Stores: a spring form pan. Uhh ohh, looks like I just might have to add a healthy cheesecake to my baking to-do list! 😀


The second box was quite a fun and interesting package!


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by NuNaturals and was asked if I’d be interested in sampling & reviewing some of their products. I’ve seen some of these products lurking around the blog world, so I decided it’d be fun to try some out. I was quite surprised to see just how many products were sent, along with some great recipes that I’m definitely looking forward to trying. Some of them are even from some fellow bloggies! 🙂


Some of the items I have never heard of? I guess I’ll have to do a little research. 😉



This morning I trekked on over to the gym to get a little cardio in my life. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, (covering 3.9 miles) followed up with 20 minutes power walking on the treadmill, alternating inclines and speeds (covering 1.5 miles). It was definitely a good, heart pumpin’ workout, even without running. Many people I’ve spoken with tend to underestimate the power of power walking. It really is a lot tougher to power walk at 4.8mph than it is to jog at 5.0…anyone else with me on that one?


Before leaving for the gym, I snacked on half of an Arnold Sandwich Thin with PB, which did a great job holding me over all morning. On my way home, I had to stop to grab some caffeine. (I really need to start making this at home again…eek 😳 ) I added some vanilla almond milk & a packet of PureVia –delish!


The first thing that caught my eye was a big ‘ol peach that I picked up yesterday from the grocery store. So I sliced that baby up and sprinkled it with some cinnamon. Cinnamon just seems to make everything better in my book. 🙂



As I was eating my peach, I spotted a Larabar that I’ve had sitting around for a while, so I decided I needed it. I had half and saved the rest for later. I really like the pecan pie flavor, but I’m sure it doesn’t even hold a candle to the new cookie dough flavor! Speaking of that, why can I not find it anywhere?!?!?


Then somehow, one of these made their way into my belly. Ok I lied, I had two…who am I kidding?


Hey, they have bananas and oats. They’re both healthy breakfast options. They just happen to be in cookie form. 😉 I actually think they’re even softer today than they were yesterday. Almost cake-like. It will be a sad day when these are gone. Good thing I put some in the freezer!

I’m feeling a little generous this morning, so I’m thinking there may have to be a giveaway this afternoon! Make sure to check back later on! 😀