Forever 21 Shopping Spree


Ok, so I’m a working girl…I earn my own cash… it’s ok to go splurge every once in a while, right? :mrgreen:

Last night’s shopping trip to Forever 21 was TONS of FUN!  There were so many things that I wanted to buy, but obviously I couldn’t go too crazy!  I promised that I wouldn’t keep you guys in suspense for too long, so without further ado, here’s a sneak peek into my new goodies! 😉  (Forgive me for the photos, as I could not figure out any better way to get these things to photograph in my dimly lit room.)

Knitted Black, Silver, & Grey short sleeved Sweater – $22.80

Ivory Sheer Pullover Sweater – $24.90

This will go awesome for a casual look with jeans & a tank, or dress it up and throw it over a cute sundress.

Navy Blue Racerback Tank – $6.80

White Short Sleeved Cotton Pullover – $17.80 (I think?)

This may have been my favorite top!  It’s so comfy, and will make the perfect “finishing touch” to so many outfits.  It’s a very versatile piece.

Black & Floral Patterned Top with Cinched Waist & Belt – $

This looks much better ON than on the hanger…I’ll be wearing it soon so you can see 🙂

Coral Gingham patterned Blouse – (can’t remember the price on this one-less than $20.00 though)

With a simple white cami underneath, this top will go great with denim, khaki, white…just about anything! Again, much cuter ON 🙂

Coral 3/4 Sleeve Cropped Jacket – $15.25

Will pair nicely with a simple white cami & jeans, or a brown tank & white crops!

Black capri-length leggings – $4.50

I LOVE pairing leggings with a cute, long top.  I dress them up with a long cami & cardigan with dressy flats, or dress them down with a long tee and flip flops.  Cinching long tops with a fun belt is also a great look with leggings!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first addition of “Fashion Friday“!

Let me know what you’d like to see in the weeks to come 😀

Girl On A Mission

After work today, I was on a MISSION! :mrgreen:

But before I made my way there, I had to make a quick pit stop for another “mini, spur-of-the-moment” mission…

1/2 price Frappucino!  Today’s order was my normal Caramel Light, and it was much better than my last one.  I also snacked on a Clif Z Bar.  Have I mentioned how much I love these things?? 😉

Ok, so NOW, onto my mission….


Our mall had a Forever 21 store for years, but the space was a little cramped and it was always a mess.  About a month ago(?), they expanded into a NEW location which is at least 5 times bigger than the old one!  So, in order for me to shop here, I have 2 conditions that were a “go” for today:

1. I must shop by myself

2. I need at least an hour to shop (I was there for about 1-1/2 hrs!)

WOW, were my arms tired by the time I made it to the dressing rooms.  I must have tried on about 20 different items, but in the end, I certainly didn’t leave empty handed! 😉

Don’t worry, I won’t keep you all in suspense too long! 😯  I also tried to do some shopping for a dress to wear to our friends’ Joe & Kate’s wedding next month, but no such luck.  Maybe I’ll head back over the weekend?

By the time I got home, I again put myself in the same situation as yesterday, where I was ready to start gnawing on my arm.  UGHH!  I guess I didn’t expect to be gone so long?  I debated on grabbing something from the food court at the mall, especially once I had the sweet smells of pretzels and pizza flirting with me and my empty tummy. 😉  BUT, I knew whatever choice I made at home would be better than those options, so I defied temptation and headed home. (tiny applause!)

I was this close to making myself a salad, but last minute decided it was breakfast food calling my name.  It was quick, easy, and totally delicious.

1/2 of a lightly toasted Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin smeared with a little Maple Peanut Butter

And some Quaker Oatmeal Squares with strawberries & Silk Pure Almond Vanilla Almond Milk

I’m so excited…Hubby is back!! 😀  Now I’m just waiting for him to come back inside from working out in the yard.  I’ll tell ya, I don’t think I have ever seen a guy so obsessed with pulling weeds!  He hates the dandelions that are were in our yard, so he goes out and pulls them all….one…by…one.  I think he’s nuts! 🙄

Does your man have any crazy obsessions when it comes to house or yard work??

Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe, Day 3

Did you completely fall in love with last year’s maxi dress trend?  I know I sure did! 🙂

Here’s one that I bought from Target for $17.99 last year!

And here’s another one of my FAVORITES that I found last year at Forever 21, for a steal of only $21.99!  Can you believe it???

Well, LUCKILY, the maxi dress is still “in” (I already bought one from Old Navy for less than $20!), but this year, try adding a new twist to it…dress it up with a jean jacket!  We’ve all got one lying around in the closet somewhere, don’t we?

Just slip one over last year’s maxi dress, and VOILA, you’ve got a brand-new look for ZERO MOOLA! 😀

Now, just in case you haven’t quite jumped on the maxi dress bandwagon yet, I went searching for some nice, affordable maxi dresses that you can get for under $50.00.

Forever 21 Knit Basic Maxi Dress$12.50 <— For that price, I’d get one in each color! 😉

Kohl’s Apt. 9 Leaf Halter Maxi Dresson sale for $34.99

Volcom Detroit City Maxi Tube Dress$50.00

AB Studio Braided Maxi Dresson sale for $37.99

Forever 21 Printed Striped Maxi Dress – $26.90

Forever 21 Pocket Front Maxi Dress – $24.80 (WOW!)