Fun Demolition Discoveries

This morning while eating my breakfast, I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that someone had their eyes on me… 😉


I put together quite a delish bowl of oats today! Before leaving the house, I put together my base:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup skim milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • raisins
  • cinnamon & nutmeg


Once I got to school, however, I ended up stumbling across some of the leftovers from our faculty breakfast yesterday morning…SCORE!


So half a piece of some sort of cinnamon apple bread was promptly crumbled on top. Best stumbling EVER. 😉





Lunch was pretty much a repeat of what you guys saw on Monday, so I didn’t bother with any photos. But I did also have one of these…

Honey Graham Clif Z Bars totally rock my socks!! 😀

So last night, some serious kitchen demo was happenin’ up in this place. In the process of tearing things apart, check out the old school coupons we came across!


I don’t know why, but I am always so fascinated by things like this that were from back in the day. Can you imagine clipping a coupon for 10¢ nowadays?? 😯


Well, the coupons ended up being found behind this big ‘ol hunka remaining cabinets…


Which are officially “no longer” and we are now left with no cabinets



…which also means no sink.

Which is why tonight’s dinner looked like this:


Yes, I finally had my first trip to Chipotle! No more Chipotle virgin here. 😉


I chose the Burrito Bowl (all the burrito fix-ins, minus the tortilla) which I ordered with their cilantro-lime rice, black beans, adobo-marinated and grilled chicken, fajita vegetables, lettuce, and salsa.


And as per hubby’s strong recommendations, I got us a side of chips + guacamole + mild salsa.



Now you guys probably already know that I am not a spicy kinda gal. Mild all the way, no extra heat, please! Well I’ll tell ya, I got a little nervous after the first bite into my burrito bowl…

YOWSAHS that chicken was spicy! 😯


I needed something to tame down the heat, so I grabbed some plain Chobani and dolloped it on there, sour cream-style. Problem solved…deliciousness accomplished. 🙂


I’m definitely now a fan of Chipotle, and lucky for me, I have a little less than half of this bowl left for lunch tomorrow! Saweeeeet. 😛


I have a pretty sweet GIVEAWAY coming up for you guys in the morning! Be sure to check back!!

Question for the Evening:

Have you ever discovered any interesting items from a much earlier time?

Cookie Comas & Breakfast Dates

YAY for Sunday morning breakfast dates!! 😀

Before heading out though, a workout was in order; after last night’s indulgent snacks & massive cookie consumption, I woke up feeling rather sluggish. Ooof. 😳 I still have to go through all my photos from last night’s festivities, but I promise I will have a recap for you all later this afternoon. Here’s just a little sneak peek at what was right at my finger tips all night long…


Yes. It was incredible.

Thanks to the cookie-coma from what you see above, I ended up sleeping a bit later and missed my morning BodyPump class (BOO). So instead, I did a nice little hodge-podge of workouts from Exercise on Demand:

I felt a thousand times better afterward! And that Incredible Abs 5 video? That is no joke! 😯

So finally, we headed out to a local place that we had recently heard great reviews of, “The Eatery” at Carol’s Place.

I knew immediately I was in for a treat when the waitress told us their flavored coffee of the day:

Caramel Apple(!!!)


It was pretty darn delicious! 😛

And then to make things even more amazing, we were presented with a plate of homemade cinnamon apple bread to snack on.




For breakfast, I ordered “The Skinny” omelet: spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, & onions (no cheese, & substituted Egg Beaters)


The omelet also came with home fries,


and a side of toast. I was really feelin’ the rye today…must have something to do with the rye bread dip that I made yesterday?? 😉


Quite a plate of food there, right? I was able to finish about 2/3 of the omelet, all of my toast, and maybe 1/4 of the home fries before throwing in the towel. I was pleasantly stuffed.

And thanks to our Entertainment Book coupon, our entire breakfast for the two of us only cost $11.28. Score! 😀

We followed up breakfast with a little more Christmas shopping and a trip to the grocery store. I’ll tell ya, grocery shopping is pretty easy when you can’t cook! 😉

Now I’ve got a little gift wrapping and photo editing to take care of while listening to some Christmas tunes. 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!

Bloggers Love Pizza!

Boy, I’ll tell ya…nothin’ beats spending a Monday evening in a cozy local pizza parlor with some of my favorite “blends!” 😀


Tonight, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Emily, Jen, & Katie for some good, hometown pizza. But not just any pizza; it was my favorite pizza from DeFazio’s!

Jay and I have visited DeFazio’s a few times in our day, and it never disappoints. In my opinion, this stuff is seriously the best pizza goin’ around town! So after chatting with these ladies a couple months ago about pizza, I knew I needed to introduce these ladies to the best of the best.

Emily & Katie


Me & Jen


We started things off by getting a big salad to share. I love DeFazio’s salads not only for their dressing, but for the phenomenal cheese chunks they add on there. Soooo soooo good!


The four of us then got two pizzas to share which took us all of about five seconds to decide on. It totally helps when everyone is on the same page in the flavor department! 😉 We ordered both of our pizzas with DeFazio’s Organic Whole Wheat dough, which is totally on point.

Pizza #1 – Goat Cheese

Imported Goat Cheese, Red Roasted Peppers, Red Onions, Olives, Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese



Pizza #2 – Eggplant Florentine

Sliced Seasoned Eggplant, Sautéed Spinach, Tomato Sauce, Extra Mozzarella Cheese and Spices


That darn Jen got to it faster than my camera could! 😉


I first got to work on the Goat Cheese; and by “got to work,” I mean “remove the olives


Olives are just one thing I still can’t acquire a taste for…blechh! 😳 I also had devoured a slice (+ another 1/2) of the Eggplant Florentine, but just now realized I never took an actual photo of it. I was too busy trying to snap a close-up of the fantastically fresh spinach…


…but my camera was being fussy…and I was hungry, so I let it be. Trust me, it was phenomenal!

And so was being able to spend the evening with these lovely ladies! I’m looking forward to seeing them again in a couple weeks. 😀

Time to go get cozy on the couch with my boys!

Question for the Evening:

What’s YOUR all-time favorite pizza??

Eggplant Parmesan & Chocolate Raspberry Cake Heaven

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I may have consumed one of the best cakes ever

Enter: Chocolate Raspberry Cake


This cake was seriously off-the-chart phenomenal. Jay picked it up at The Fresh Market yesterday, since we were celebrating his Dad’s birthday this evening. It was so incredibly moist, dense, fudgy, and full of deep dark chocolate & raspberry flavors. Talk about rich and sensational!

Unfortunately, we had to eat our cake and ice cream by candlelight; we were “lucky enough” to come home to a house with no power. Oooof. 😳


Thankfully, after about 45 minutes…we had LIGHT! 😀



Best.Stuff.EVER. 😛


As awesome as this cake was, I can’t forget about the amazing dinner that took place earlier this evening. 😉

Tonight I was introduced to a new-to-me restaurant (YAY!), Verdile’s. It’s a local, family-owned restaurant that’s been around since 1943, actually located only about 5 minutes away from our house! I have heard rave reviews about it for quite a while now, so I was definitely excited to check it out.

I started off by sharing a simple salad; typical of an Italian restaurant.


But then I found myself face-to-face with this fabulous scene:


WOW, right??? 😯

I ordered their Eggplant Parmesan, which (at the risk of sounding too monotonous tonight) was probably the BEST eggplant parm I’ve ever had!


It wasn’t too terribly greasy/fried, and there was enough eggplant so you could actually taste it. (Often times, I find the only thing you taste is breading, sauce, & cheese…blech). But this stuff was incredible.


My eggplant parm came with a side of pasta, so I ordered their homemade “Verghetti Spaghetti” – it was good, but I was more interested in the eggplant. I let hubby take it to-go for leftovers tomorrow.


After this evening’s amazing eats, it almost seems silly to share the rest of my eats from today, but hey, I’ll do it anyways. 😉





In case you’re wondering, what you see here is a plain Chobani yogurt, combined with pumpkin blobs x2: Trader Joe’s pumpkin cream cheese + pumpkin butter.


Pure Pumpkin Heaven. 😛


And finally, thank you to everyone who entered my Date Night Dinner Giveaway! It was so fun reading your posts! But without further a do, the winner is……


Congratulations, Lindsay!

Please e-mail me with your shipping information at sweettoothcourtney [at] gmail[ dot] com.

Time to try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight…fingers crossed that it’s before 10pm! 😯

Hope everyone has a great evening! FYI – I’ve got a fun Fashion Friday post headed your way tomorrow!!

Tops is TOPS!

Today has definitely been one of those days that is just “GO GO GO” – from 5:30am this morning, until 9:00pm tonight, when we finally walked in the door.

Nonetheless, despite being super busy, it has been rather productive!


At 5:05am this morning, my alarm was definitely not on my good side. After the second round of “snoozing” I really debated on skipping my AM workout all together. However, I knew I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t get up (since I really didn’t have a good excuse), so I sucked it up and tumbled out of bed. I had already planned on doing the Rock Hard Total Body Workout on Exercise on Demand…I was wicked excited when I found out it was back on! I can already tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow…LOVE that. 😉


An exact repeat from yesterday…so I’m “recycling” yesterday’s photos. 🙂


The only difference was that BOTH pieces got the pumpkin cream cheese + PB + banana treatment today. It was absolutely fantastic!

So was my Caramel Macchiato coffee. 😉



Thanks to my enormous “Tuna & Rice” salad from last night, I had plenty of leftovers to incorporate into today’s lunch:


I took a big ‘ol scoop of leftover salad, along with some leftover roasted veggies, and added a little romaine base for some added bulk. It was just as good the second time around!


I also enjoyed a nice crisp Gala. It was so sweet and juicy…yummmm. 😛


After work began my afternoon of errands…one of which included a flu shot. BLECH. Needles really don’t bother me at all, so it’s not that; it’s more the fact that every year I get a flu shot, I always end up getting “sick” with cold-like symptoms from it a few days later. If it wasn’t for my darn asthma, I don’t know if I’d even get one…keeping my fingers crossed for this year! 😯

I started feeling a little sluggish this afternoon, so I decided to stop for a little caffeine pick-me-up. It did nothing for my energy, but it still tasted delish.


After finishing up some more errands, Jay and I decided to stop for some dinner. We were out in the Schenectady area, which we aren’t usually near, but I was pretty excited because there’s a restaurant out there I’ve been dying to try: Tops American Grill, Bakery, & Bar.


I thought the inside was so cute! It definitely had a fun, welcoming look to it. And how ‘bout those palm trees? 🙂



For my dinner, I ended up choosing something totally random: Roast Beef. I can’t even tell you when the last time was that I ordered roast beef. Years, probably.


What I can tell you though, is that I’m so glad I did. It was delicious! Roast beef, provolone, roasted red peppers, lettuce, & tomato in a garlic and herb wrap. It also came with horseradish mayo, which I got on the side.


As good as the wrap was, the sweet potato fries were what stole the show on this plate…


I’m tempted to say that these may be the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. As soon as I started eating them, I kept getting this weird taste of “doughnuts” – I mentioned it to Jay, who initially thought I was nuts.

A minute or two later though, and all of a sudden, hubby was on the same page with me! We both agreed that there was definitely a doughnut flavor coming from somewhere inside of these. Incredibly odd? Yes. Gross to some? Maybe. But they were right up my alley.


As soon as you walk through the doors of Tops, you are face-to-face with a mouth-watering display case of homemade desserts. I had been thinking about that case from the second we sat down, so I knew I was not leaving there without some. I decided to save half of my wrap, so I could indulge in a little big slice of heaven:

Oh chocolate, you are so divine.


Jay and I split a piece of their Chocolate Mousse Torte


Which we obviously hated. 😉


I’m so thankful for the fact that I have the day OFF tomorrow! (Thank you, Veterans!) I’m really in need of some extra zzzz’s tonight, and I have a good amount of housework to catch up on tomorrow too. But for now…it’s time to go start on those zzzz’s! 🙂

Question for the Night:

Have you ever eaten foods that remind you (either taste or smell) of a completely different food?