Have You Heard The News?

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life has a new home!

It’s still the same good stuff you know and love, just in a new place. 😉

I’ve been working very hard these past few days with Julie, who has helped me make the big move. We’re still in the process of working out some kinks, but for the most part, things are going smoothly!

However, if you currently subscribe to STSL, you may have missed the last few posts because of the switch…not sure if this will eventually work itself out, but no worries! You may just need to re-subscribe. 🙂

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Hope you’ve all been having a fantastic holiday weekend!

My Favorite Workouts Giveaway

When it comes to my exercise routine, it’s no secret that I like to switch things up. If I were to stick with the same routine, week after week, I’d be absolutely bored out of my mind. Wouldn’t you?

So between the cardio & the occasional BodyPump classes at the gym, I also have another tried and true resource which is very near and dear to my heart:

Exercise TV:-D

Over the past few months, I’ve tested out some fantastic workouts that have really kicked my boo-tay! 😯 Whether it’s intense cardio, hardcore strength training, or relaxing yoga, they’ve got everything I need.

So as I’ve come to test out quite a few of these workouts, it’s safe to say that I’ve developed a few favorites. And wouldn’t you know…it looks like Christmas came a little early for me! :mrgreen:


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the nice folks at Exercise TV, wondering if I’d be interested in doing a review of a couple of their full workout videos. They saw how much I’ve been loving some of the On Demand programs, and thought I might enjoy reviewing the whole video…

I seriously think they read my mind; I’ve been dying to try the full Yoga Meltdown video from Jillian Michael’s!!!


As soon as I got home yesterday afternoon, I immediately popped Jillian into my DVD player to test out the new goods. I realized that the video I’ve been doing on Demand has been the Level 1, which focuses on quickly flowing yoga sequences to burn more calories. It’s given me a great workout every time so far, but I wanted more, so I stepped it up to Level 2.

Level 2 incorporates a lot more twists and balance poses, some of which I found pretty difficult. Hello, crazy crow pose?!? 😯

After trying both Levels 1 & 2, I think it’s safe to say I like them both equally, and will probably switch back and forth between the two. They both definitely rock!

Alright, so here’s the deal…

You guys know I love you all for being the fantastic readers that you are, right? 🙂 Well, ‘tis the season of giving…and because I love you all so much, I think it’s only fitting to share my favorites with all of you!!

It’s the My Favorite Workouts Giveaway!!!

Exercise TV has generously offered to giveaway one of each of my three favorite workouts:

Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown


10 Pound Slimdown


Incredible Abs


Are you guys excited or what?!?! :mrgreen:


You have four chances to enter this fantastic giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which DVD you’d most like to try and why.
  2. Become a fan of Exercise TV on Facebook by clicking here and let me know that you did.
  3. Become a fan of Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life on Facebook by clicking HERE (or leave a comment telling me you already are). 😉
  4. Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter (leave a comment letting me know)

I will announce the three lucky winners tomorrow morning, Friday, December 24th.

Talk about a nice early Christmas present for yourself, right?? 😉

GOOD LUCK and thanks again to all of you for being such rock star readers!

Fun Demolition Discoveries

This morning while eating my breakfast, I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that someone had their eyes on me… 😉


I put together quite a delish bowl of oats today! Before leaving the house, I put together my base:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup skim milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • raisins
  • cinnamon & nutmeg


Once I got to school, however, I ended up stumbling across some of the leftovers from our faculty breakfast yesterday morning…SCORE!


So half a piece of some sort of cinnamon apple bread was promptly crumbled on top. Best stumbling EVER. 😉





Lunch was pretty much a repeat of what you guys saw on Monday, so I didn’t bother with any photos. But I did also have one of these…

Honey Graham Clif Z Bars totally rock my socks!! 😀

So last night, some serious kitchen demo was happenin’ up in this place. In the process of tearing things apart, check out the old school coupons we came across!


I don’t know why, but I am always so fascinated by things like this that were from back in the day. Can you imagine clipping a coupon for 10¢ nowadays?? 😯


Well, the coupons ended up being found behind this big ‘ol hunka remaining cabinets…


Which are officially “no longer” and we are now left with no cabinets



…which also means no sink.

Which is why tonight’s dinner looked like this:


Yes, I finally had my first trip to Chipotle! No more Chipotle virgin here. 😉


I chose the Burrito Bowl (all the burrito fix-ins, minus the tortilla) which I ordered with their cilantro-lime rice, black beans, adobo-marinated and grilled chicken, fajita vegetables, lettuce, and salsa.


And as per hubby’s strong recommendations, I got us a side of chips + guacamole + mild salsa.



Now you guys probably already know that I am not a spicy kinda gal. Mild all the way, no extra heat, please! Well I’ll tell ya, I got a little nervous after the first bite into my burrito bowl…

YOWSAHS that chicken was spicy! 😯


I needed something to tame down the heat, so I grabbed some plain Chobani and dolloped it on there, sour cream-style. Problem solved…deliciousness accomplished. 🙂


I’m definitely now a fan of Chipotle, and lucky for me, I have a little less than half of this bowl left for lunch tomorrow! Saweeeeet. 😛


I have a pretty sweet GIVEAWAY coming up for you guys in the morning! Be sure to check back!!

Question for the Evening:

Have you ever discovered any interesting items from a much earlier time?

Date Night Dinner Giveaway!

As you guys all know, I’m a sucker for Date Nights. 🙂

As much as I love having Date Nights out, sometimes it’s nice to have something quick and easy to prepare in the comfort of your own home.

A few weeks back, I was offered an opportunity through MyBlogSpark to try out a couple new dinner kits:


I received the Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken dry dinner kit, as well as the Macaroni Grill Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken & Pasta dry dinner kit. YUM YUM! 😛

I had actually forgotten that I had them in the pantry, but since I’ve tried to start cleaning some stuff out to make room for the new renovations, I figured tonight would be the perfect opportunity for a little “Date Night” in.


I decided to prepare the Orange Chicken dinner kit, however, I switched things up a bit to make it an “Orange SHRIMP” dinner! I’ve had a bag of frozen shrimp in my freezer weeks now, and really wanted to use it. The dinner kit provides everything that you need, except for your protein, so it gives you options (think chicken, shrimp, pork…)


The dinner was actually extremely easy to make, and it was quite nice having everything I needed right at my fingertips. I honestly don’t usually buy boxed dinner kits like this, just because I prefer to make my own. However, the ease was of preparation was definitely right up my alley. 😉

Considering it was a “Date Night” and all, I decided a little bit of wine was in order…


Yeah, that’s right. I kept it classy in the plastic cup. Hey, sometimes that’s just how I roll. 🙂

When cooking up my shrimp in the provided seasoning, I also added a little red bell pepper + onion for some extra bulk. Definitely a good decision.


After adding the orange sauce…


I’ve gotta admit…I was little apprehensive about adding these chilies…I’m not a spicy kinda person. 😯


But I did it anyways, and these four little buggers definitely gave the entire dish a little kick!


My “date” and I agreed…it was yummy! 🙂


I think if I were to make it again, I might consider adding a little less of the orange sauce. I know orange “add your protein here” is supposed to be sweet, but I think I might like mine a little “less dressed.” 😉



And of course, somebody else wanted in on the Date Night action…


He sure knows how to make himself right at home, doesn’t he?


So do you guys want in on a little secret??

There’s an extra “Date Night Prize Pack” that’s up for grabs for one of YOU!!! 😯

The winner of the Date Night Prize Pack giveaway will receive:

  • (1) Wanchai Ferry dry dinner kit,
  • (1) Macaroni Grill dry dinner kit, &
  • a $25 Visa gift card that you can use to create your OWN date night at home!

*To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions:

  • Where did you and your significant others have your first date? Or…
  • What are your best tips for having a fun date night at home?

The giveaway will close on Wednesday, November 17th @ 5pm E.T. I will announce the winner that evening.

In the meantime, feel free to snag a coupon for $2.25 off a Macaroni Grill or Wanchai Ferry dinner kit! Just CLICK HERE.


*Note: Wanchai Ferry and Macaroni Grill provided me with the free products, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSpark. Any opinions of the products seen here were completely my own.

Yup, Another Pumpkin Post!

Ok ok, I know. We’ve all heard enough about pumpkin to last a lifetime. I’d apologize, but then again, I’m not sorry. 😉

It’s no secret to you all that I absolutely adore pumpkin. “Borderline obsessed” could probably even pass as appropriate.

So you can imagine my excitement when Jay’s parents stopped by with THIS:


Pumpkin Butter!! :mrgreen: While they were up visiting Maine this past weekend, they picked up a few goodies to share with us. I love how they associated pumpkin with me.


I immediately dug my finger right into the jar and was ecstatic with the flavors bursting in my mouth. Oh.my.god… I knew it was going to have to be incorporated into my next meal.

I thought about waffles. I thought about toast. I even considered just straight up outta the jar with a spoon…

But then the thought of pumpkin yogurt crossed my mind…


and a match was made in heaven. 😛

I mixed about 1-1/2 tbsp of pumpkin butter into a plain flavored Chobani, which was already delicious enough on its own. However, if you know me, then you know that I’m definitely all about the toppings!


I topped my pumpkin yogurt with 1/2 of a leftover crumbled Banana muffin, 1/2 of a diced honeycrisp apple, and a sprinkling of granola.


My tastebuds and my belly were more than pleased with my creation. 😛


ALSO just as pleasing this morning?? The fact that I am finally feeling just about normal and was able to get up bright and early for a killer workout! I did the Rock Hard Total Body Workout from Exercise on Demand, and WOW am I gonna be feelin’ that one. It’s been a while since I’d done it, but I loved every minute of it. YAY for finally feeling healthy! 😀

Ok, so I am now happy to announce the winner of my Adora disks giveaway!!…

adora winner

Congratulations, Laura J.! 😀 😀

Please e-mail me with your shipping information to sweettoothcourtney[at]gmail[dot]com.

It’s Friday my friends! Hope you’re all doing your Happy Friday Dance with me! 😉 I’m off to go snag some caffeine…it is Coffee Friday ya know! 😉

Question for the Day:

Are you sick of pumpkin yet?? 😯

A Chocolaty Giveaway!

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream?


If you read many healthy living blogs, then I’m sure you’ve probably seen these little guys floating around in the blog world. Although I had seen them on occasion through different blogs, I wasn’t “formally introduced” to them until my trip to the Healthy Living Summit this past August. I really enjoyed the disks that I tried while in Chicago, so I was more than excited when the company contacted me and offered to send some samples to try out.

Chocolate?!? YES PLEASE. 😀


So what exactly is an Adora disk?

Adora disks are a calcium & Vitamin D supplement, with the added bonus of having the taste of premium, all-natural chocolate. Just one Adora disk provides about 50% of your daily calcium requirements.


Did you know that the average woman is only getting about two-thirds the amount of calcium that they should?

Ladies, we gotta protect these bones of ours!! 😯


And for only 30 calories a disk, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to make or break your day. 😉


Not only are these little guys great for providing the calcium & Vitamin D that we need, but they are seriously delicious and actually taste like real chocolate. Both the dark and the milk chocolate varieties are great, but I think the dark is my favorite. I’ve been adding one in at breakfast lately…because really, who needs an excuse to add chocolate at any meal? 🙂

If you’ve never tried an Adora disk, don’t say you haven’t been forewarned:

It doesn’t take long to go from this


to this…  (how ‘bout those teeth ridges!) 😉


to this.


Adora disks are sold at most CVS stores, as well as many other retailers around the U.S.

But what’s that you say? You read the post title and want to know the real deal??

Well YOU, my friends, are in luck, becauuuuuuuse…it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! 😀

**Adora has offered to send one lucky reader 2 bags of Adora disks (one milk & one dark).**

To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling your main source of calcium and if you think you get enough of it.
  2. You can earn an extra entry if you want to Tweet about it too. 😉 (i.e., “Check out @SweetToothCourt’s Adora Giveaway”) Just make sure you comment back to tell me you did!

*I will randomly choose a winner on this Friday, October 15th.*

The chance at winning some free chocolate? Well, that definitely ought to put a smile on your face. 🙂


(*Disclaimer: Although I was offered free samples of Adora disks, I will never endorse a product that I don’t truly enjoy or believe in. These are my honest opinions and are in no way biased based on receiving the product.)

Happy Fall!! (+ A Granola Blondie Winner)


I just wish it felt a little more like fall…80+ degrees today?!? C’mon Mother Nature…I’m ready for cozy sweaters and my UGGS!

Ok ok, I know what you’re waiting for. Did you all dream about Granola Blondies like I did?!? 🙂

Well, the lucky winner of these delicious little gems IS…

blondie winner

Congratulations Mackenzie! 😀

Please e-mail me with your shipping info so I can get these babies out to you!

I’m thinking I may need to make a double batch of these…too tempting to have right in front of me without getting a little nibble. 😉


This morning, I was craving a little less intense of a workout, so Pilates was the name of the game. I did my favorite On The Ball Pilates DVD, which I apparently haven’t done in a while. It’s always a little more difficult when I take some time away from it…but in a good way of course. 😉


In honor of the new fall season, I found it only fitting to incorporate a little pumpkin into breakfast. Are you even surprised? 🙂

Thanks to the perfect serving size being left in my large Oikos container, that meant less dishes to use. Can’t beat that!


Today, I combined:

  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt (approx?)
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin (all I had left!) 😦
  • 1/2 sliced banana
  • cinnamon
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • crumbled pumpkin muffin (the last one…need to make these ASAP!)
  • small handful of Quaker Oatmeal Squares 


So much goodness in one bowl…what’s a girl to do???


She gets MESSY! 😯


Now there is one “Hot Yogurt Mess” for ya! 😉


Along with my pumpkin yogurt, I’ll be sippin’ on a delicious mug of my Pumpkin Spice coffee, complete with a tiny sprinkling of more pumpkin pie spice. Ohhh good god, somebody stop me! 😀


In honor of today’s new Fall season, let’s make today’s Question a FUN one! You might remember I did this back with the first day of Summer, so why not keep the game goin? 🙂

Question for the Morning:

What does FALL mean to you? Say it in a poem!…

Fun, festive decor

Apple picking!

Lots of PUMPKIN food and drinks

Leaf raking…UGHH 😯

Have FUN with this one!! 😀