Ready To Swap Some Cookies!

I’ve been tackling a “To-Do” list a mile long since about 8am this morning! 😯


I started out with a sweaty, 4-mile run on the treadmill. It felt fabulous!

Then I took care of a little cleaning around the house, which included our mini “makeshift kitchen” corner in the living room:


As of yesterday afternoon, I am officially without a stove. Hello, microwave. 😉

After cleaning, a trip to the Farmers Market was in order for some fresh baked bread,


so I could make this fantastic rye bread dip.


While I was out, I had to pick up a little caffeine to keep me going. 🙂


Now I’m working on getting ready to head to Heather’s house for a cookie swap! I’m so excited…I LOVE cookie swaps!

Part of going to the swap means bringing not only the cookies, but also the recipe…so I broke out my trusty laminator (one of my fun “teacher toys”)


And got to work on my festive recipe cards!



Now I think I’m ready to pack up these bad boys and get ready to party with some of my favorite blogger gals. 😀



I can’t wait to see what goodies I get to come home with later!! 😀

Question for the Afternoon:

Have you ever attended a cookie swap before??

Finally…Not Running Against The Clock

There’s nothin’ like a Saturday when you have time to do a little bit of everything, without having any time constraints! 🙂

So far, my Saturday has looked a little something like this…

I slept in without using an alarm, and it was fabulous. I think I got about 10 hours of sleep, which I needed every.last.minute of.

After lounging around for a bit, I headed out for a nice little run outside.


Actually, that a lie.

It was not a nice little run. It was one of the most difficult runs I’ve tackled in a long time. It felt like my legs were as heavy as iron, my nose was running, and it was windy and cold.

But I still got it done, and I was happy for having done it. So YAY for me!

I decided I deserved a reward…so I went and got one of these:


THAT, my friends, is a pumpkin pie latte. Normally, I order my lattes sans whip cream, but I forgot to mention it and they didn’t ask. It’s ok…I immediately dug a finger in. Scrumptious. 😛


After rewarding myself with a little post-workout fuel, I stopped by the Farmer’s Market and picked up a couple goodies.


Then I headed back home and did a little damage in the kitchen. 😉


I’m such a tease! Don’t worry, I’ll fill you guys in on the details soon. 🙂

Now Jay and I are headed out the door to run a few errands, enjoy a dinner out, then meet up with our friends Joe & Kate for a movie date. I guess we’re going to see Mega Mind, which looks pretty cute…we like switching things up every once in a while. And since I got to choose the last time we went to the movies, Jay actually voted for this one. I’ll let ya’ll know how it is! 🙂

Question for the Day:

What’s been the best part of YOUR Saturday so far?? 🙂

Lots of Yummm!

Productive Saturday mornings really make me smile. 😀 But first, before I get to this morning, let’s back track a little bit to last night. A have evening + morning of yummy eats!

Being the first Friday after my first full week of teaching, I guess you could say that I was more than exhausted. The thought of doing anything besides chillin’ on my couch was definitely out of the question. To be honest, I really wasn’t in the mood to cook anything for dinner either, but knowing that we’ll probably be going out to dinner tonight, I figured it would be in our best interest to eat in.

So what do you make on a Friday night when you want dinner done in less than 20 minutes?



Instead of fighting with the rolling out of a pizza dough, we took the easy route with some Boboli Whole Wheat thin crust mini pizzas. And because we can never decide which kinds we want, we make enough for a small army. 🙂

Before heading into the oven…


Broccoli, peppers, onions, & tomatoes


Barbecue chicken


Fresh out of the oven! Mmmmm. 😛




I enjoyed a slice of each for dinner. Usually when we make pizza, we’ll usually have some side salads to go with them, but we were unfortunately fresh out of lettuce. Oh well…too much effort anyways. 😉




It’s tough to pick a favorite – they were ALL delicious!


Jay had to be up early for work, so I decided to follow suit and make my way to the gym for an early workout. Before leaving, I snacked on a honey graham Clif Z Bar. Side note: I really want to try the “Spooky S’Mores” flavor, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere?!?!


At the gym, I completed 45 minutes on the elliptical, covering 6.5 miles, followed by 10 minutes on the Stair Master. I really despise that Stair Master…yet, I keep coming back to it. 😉 Nonetheless, it was a GREAT workout.

After the gym, I made a quick stop down to the Farmers Market. It was an absolutely beautiful morning for it!


While sipping on a delicious Pumpkin Pie flavored coffee from my fave Flavour Cafe,


I browsed the market, picking up some carrots, zucchini, basil, tomatoes, apple cider, Plain Jane Creamy PB, and some fresh bread…


…which I immediately broke into for breakfast as soon as I got home. Spread with some White Chocolate Wonderful PB…amaaaaaazing. 😀

I also enjoyed a honey flavored Chobani, topped with a fresh diced pear, a sprinkling of cinnamon & nutmeg, and the last of my Bear Naked Fit granola.



The addition of cinnamon & nutmeg really makes such a difference. If you haven’t tried it, I’d definitely recommend it.




Time to go take advantage of this beautiful Saturday! Hope you’re all having a great morning. 🙂

Question for the Day:

Do you usually sleep in on weekends, or do you try to keep a regular schedule from the workweek?

A Free Saturday Morning…Where Am I?

It’s another beautiful Saturday here in Upstate, and since I had a free morning, a trip to the Farmers Market was definitely on the agenda! 😎

Before heading out, I woke up nice and early to get my workout all finished for the day. I did the 40 minute Rock Hard Total Body Workout from Exercise on Demand, and it totally rocked my booty! I’m finding that I really like this workout, and it’s been a good switch from my usual BodyPump for a little while. If you have access to Exercise on Demand, and you’re up for a challenge, I’d definitely recommend you try this workout:

“This strength training workout from Body By Jake will get your entire body moving. Learn challenging muscle building moves that will take your workout to the next level while you watch your body change without expensive weight training equipment. Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to seriously sweat it out with this full body workout.”

After showering and getting ready, I grabbed a quick breakfast on the run, since I only had a few minutes before meeting up with Kate.

I had an ugly (but delicious) baby banana & two Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. My supply of these is dwindling…I’m getting sad. 😦



(Please ignore the ghetto nail polish sample on my thumb…I was testing out some colors yesterday.) 😉

I realize this probably wasn’t the best “breakfast” to eat after an intense workout, but I was also taking into account the fact that I would be snacking on various samples while at the market too.

The market was definitely hoppin’ today! So many goodies to choose from. I would seriously have no problem dropping $50+ if I had that much cash on me. 😯

Ginormous tomatoes!


Pretty flowers 🙂 


So ever since the beginning of the Farmers Market season, Kate and I have been eyeballing this crazy concoction called a “pizza scone” at one of the vendors. We’ve passed it up every time, but today Kate bit the bullet and decided to try it out. After we both had a bite, we decided that it was definitely just like pizza! It almost tasted like dough + sauce, with the cheese on the top. Crazy, but totally delish!


As I walked in door after getting home, I was greeted by this guy who was definitely somewhere where he knows he does not belong!

Oh crap, I’m busted…”


We had a talk and straightened things out. He apologized.

Alright, so here’s my goods from today:  



Tomatoes!! 😀


Multigrain Bread


Blizzard Butter for Mom to try!


And of course, an iced coffee with skim milk to top off my morning trip. 😛


I also picked up some fresh corn on the cob, romaine lettuce, some chives, and a cucumber. All of this cost me Jay $20.00, which is probably more than I’d pay at the grocery store, but I really don’t mind. I love buying things locally when I can!


Time to go make some lunch and head out for a little poolside action. 😎 Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday!

Question for the Day:

When visiting a Farmers Market (or grocery store) do you go with a list or a budget or do you just buy whatever looks good?

Fresh Is Best

I love it when a Saturday rolls around when I don’t have a commitment to run to. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes those commitments can be super fun, such as last weekend’s Blogger Brunch. 🙂 But for those mornings when I’m free, nothing beats a trip to the Farmers Market.

Before leaving the house, I snacked on a couple pieces of Carrot Raisin Manna Bread with some PB2 spread on top. Yes, I think the addiction has already started.



I had hoped the hubby would be able to make the trip down to the market with me this morning, but unfortunately he had some work to take care of at home. So me, myself, and I (and my reusable bag) headed on down. The market was definitely boomin’ today, and am super excited that so many of the vendors are starting to get such a wide variety of produce. It makes me smile. 😀

Today’s purchases: Carrots, beets, zucchini, yellow squash, red potatoes, fresh basil & flat leaf parsley.


Isn’t fresh produce just so pretty?!? 🙂


Cody wasn’t quite sure what to make of his mama snappin’ pictures of her produce outside…

“Hey, whatcha doin’ Mom?”


I also had to pick up a jar of Blizzard Butter, but that has already been taken to the post office to make its way out to Sunnydale, CA… 😉

I want to try to find a good recipe for a parsley-potato salad of some sort. If anyone happens to know of any good ones, please pass along the info!

I also picked up a little caffeine while out and about this morning: another Hawaiian Coconut flavored one – deeeeLISH! 😛



I made one of THE most delicious sandwiches EVER today! First of all, I love tomatoes. I could eat them everyday, especially in the summer once they start to get ripe. Gimme a big one, and I’ll bite into it like an apple. YUM. But when tomatoes are paired with fresh basil on a sandwich? Now there’s a combo I’m talkin’ about!


I lightly toasted a whole wheat Arnold Sandwich Thin, spread one half with a smear of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese, and the other half with some roasted red pepper hommus. Then I added some fresh slices of tomato and a couple leaves of basil; it’s amazing just how well the tomato and basil complement each other, along with the mix of Swiss cheese. Everything just tasted to fresh, which I love…it was definitely a killer sandwich. 😀


Along with my sandwich, a had a couple new carrot sticks + hommus & a juicy peach.



Now I’m off to do a little yard work (yippeeeeeee) but I’m hoping all of my hard work will pay off with a nice little fro yo trip later this evening and maybe a movie date? Fingers crossed for me! 😯 😀

Question for the Day:

What’s the last good movie you watched (either in the theater or at home)