Have You Heard The News?

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life has a new home!

It’s still the same good stuff you know and love, just in a new place. 😉

I’ve been working very hard these past few days with Julie, who has helped me make the big move. We’re still in the process of working out some kinks, but for the most part, things are going smoothly!

However, if you currently subscribe to STSL, you may have missed the last few posts because of the switch…not sure if this will eventually work itself out, but no worries! You may just need to re-subscribe. 🙂

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Hope you’ve all been having a fantastic holiday weekend!

I Have A Confession…

So you guys remember when I told you how I spent my Friday night indulging in THIS…

Well, I lied.

I didn’t just indulge…I devoured.

And by devour, I mean that Jay and I finished off 1/3 of the cake…

With ice cream on the side. 😳 Yeah, you could say we really put a hurtin’ on that cake.

And remember those Pretzel M&M’s I was snacking on yesterday?

Well between the two of us, there’s probably less than 15 M&M’s left…out of the entire bag.

So after going to bed last night feeling a little less-than-pleased with my monstrous binges as of late, I got to thinking a little bit more about some things that have been floating around in my head.

Over the past year, it’s safe to say that my eating habits have definitely changed.

Where I was once too paranoid over the calories and fat-content to thoroughly enjoy a cookie, I now have no problem eating 4 or 5 in one sitting.

Where I once would only drink Michelob Ultra beer because it was the lowest choice in calories, I’ll now imbibe in a bunch of varieties and flavors, regardless of their calorie count.

When going out for dinner, my selections used to be narrowed to whatever was not fried, breaded, or loaded with cream sauce or cheese…this clearly is no longer the case.

One might say that this is a feat; that I have moved beyond my old insecurities and can now enjoy these indulgences without guilt. Yes, maybe that’s the case, but I think there’s more going on here:

I am happy and I have gotten comfortable.

And that’s not to say that “comfortable” is a bad thing, because it certainly is not. I do know many people who say that they “fell victim” to the comforts of married life and developed unhealthy habits. And in certain instances, I think this may have happened to me, but not because I’m “married” – it’s because I’m in an incredibly happy place.

I am beyond ecstatic to know that I have a loving, supportive family, a full-time job, and some of the best friends around; but most importantly, I have a wonderful husband to come home to every day, who takes care of me and loves me for me.

He loved me when I was 15,

He loved me when I didn’t quite love myself enough to take care of my body,


And he loves me now.


So then what’s the issue?

Well, because I think it’s about time I give myself a friendly reminder:

Just because I’m happy and comfortable, does not give me free reign to throw caution to the wind.

As much as I’d like to say that polishing off 1/3 of a cake with the hubby made me happy (which, trust me, I reveled in every last bite of it), unfortunately my waistline eventually isn’t going to agree.

And sure, I know it’s not all about that; so what if I gain a couple LB’s? Heck, I already have, and I’m ok with that.

But if I let myself go too crazy, those couple LB’s are going to keep creeping up; I’m not going to be comfortable in my own skin, and then regret will follow.

I think everyone knows when they start to reach that point of uncomfortable; maybe it’s just a feeling you have, when you know you’ve had a few too many treats lately. Or maybe it’s when those jeans all of a sudden get a little more difficult to button up.

For me, it’s a mixture of both, and lately, they’ve come back with a vengeance. The willpower that was once stronger than it should have been, is now replaced with a flurry of thoughts and emotions as I go to grab for that extra cookie or scoop of peanut butter:

I really don’t need another one.”

“But one more won’t hurt me."

Jay just had another cookie, so I can too.”

It’s ok, I worked out this morning.”

Tomorrow is a new day.”

Well, my pants were kinda tight this morning…”

I just read a blog post by somebody else who ate this much in one sitting, why can’t I?”

So what am I going to do about it?

Well for one, I’m not going to start any crazy nonsense of calling anything off limits. Once I do that, I only crave it more. (I could declare OLIVES off limits, which I HATE, and would probably crave them immediately…that’s just how I work).

To be honest, I don’t think I’m really going to change a whole lot. But what I am going to do, is try to bring back some of that willpower that I let fade away. Because if I continue using the “I’m happy,” “I’m comfortable,” and “She did, so I can too” excuses, eventually it’s going to catch up to me.

And I’m no dummy…the holidays are right around the corner, and I’m going to be faced with lots of delicious goodies. 😛


I can’t pass them up, so I won’t; but I can make healthier decisions by eating one or two, rather than five or six.

I think it’s good to give ourselves a little reality check every once in a while; it helps put things into perspective. I know I’m still healthy; I workout 5-6 days a week, I eat lots of whole foods, and my eating habits aren’t terrible by any means…but I know they could be better. There’s always room for improvement, right? Because in the end, nobody can be held accountable but me.

Putting all this out there really helped solidify everything that I’ve been feeling these past couple weeks, and I already feel so much better after having it down in words.

Yes, I’m happy.

Yes, I’m healthy.

Yes, I’m “comfortable,” but in the best way possible.

I’m responsible for me.

And I’m going to take care of myself…without depriving…and without scarfing down 1/3 of a cake in one sitting. 😯

Hopefully you can all somehow relate to my ramblings of a post today…if you can, I’d love to know that I’m not alone.

What do you do when it’s time to give yourself a reality check? 🙂


Good Morning my friends!

I write to you all this morning with somewhat of a different post than you would normally see on a Tuesday morning…

Over the weekend, I did a lot of thinking and reflecting about life. Maybe it was all the extra love in the air. Maybe it was being surrounded with so many of my closest friends. Maybe it was even being away from reality for a couple days…

IMG_5385 IMG_5456


Whatever it was, it had me really thinking about my life and how I want to make the most out of it.

So I am now going to share with you all what I’ve been feeling for weeks now…


Quite frankly, I’ve been trying to juggle so many balls at once, that I have basically worn myself thin. And now I’m sick on top of it (it was inevitable, being the beginning of the school year anyways, but still no fun!)

A full-time teaching job, a 5-6 day-a-week workout schedule, attempting to keep a clean home, and a week’s worth of meal preparation and planning, all on top of blogging 3 times a day, has pretty much been my life.

A typical day for me lately is pretty much:

  • Wake up
  • Workout (if it’s a morning workout)
  • Get ready for work
  • Eat & photograph breakfast
  • Blog my breakfast post
  • Go to work, 8:30-4:30ish
  • Workout (if it’s an afternoon workout)
  • Make dinner
  • Photograph dinner
  • Make the next day’s lunch
  • Photograph the next day’s lunch
  • Schedule a post for the next day’s lunch
  • Write my dinner post
  • Do any extra school work that I brought home with me
  • Wash the dishes
  • Spend about 15 minutes on blog reading 🙂
  • Get ready for bed

As always, there are the occasional errands or events happening during the week that are somehow squeezed in amongst everything else. But unfortunately, what you don’t see in that mix is what matters the most: spending quality time with my two guys I love the most.


Even though the hubby does occasionally get frustrated with my constantly busy schedule, he has been fairly understanding and has, for the most part, kept pretty quiet. But none of that is fair to him, or me…or to this guy…

IMG_2387 IMG_3244

IMG_3884 IMG_3725

There was not one time last week where I was able to take 30 minutes to just sit, relax, and spend time with my boys. Even though I’d say I was, I just never seemed to get there. Instead, I would end up staying on the computer, constantly trying to “get ahead” with my posting so I’d “have more time” the next day. Yet, those next days never seemed to come.

When looking at all of the things that I can and cannot change in my day-to-day activities, I have decided to make some changes to Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.

They aren’t permanent changes. And I’m certainly not going away!

BUT, until I can finally get my feet grounded, and figure out a way to find some balance in my everyday life, blogging is just going to have to be cut back. “Healthy Living” isn’t only about the food I eat and the exercise I perform. It’s about feeling emotionally fulfilled, and spending quality time with those who I love, who love me back, and keep my happy and sane.

So what does all this mean?

  • For this week, I’m really going to work on spending some extra time with my boys, and myself. Heck, I have a stack of magazines almost a foot high that have been waiting to be read! I’ll still have some posts to share with you, since I have a few yummy dinner ideas this week. 😉
  • After this week, you’re probably not going to see too many lunch posts, unless I happen to make something that I find worthy enough to share. But, quite frankly, my “Monday Usuals” are probably boring you all by now anyways. 😉

  • As for breakfast posts, if I have time to share ‘em, then I will! But I can’t keep racing around the house like a mad woman in the mornings anymore!
  • If I make a yummy meal or other fun recipe, I’m definitely going to share it! 😛

  • If I have anything else fun and exciting to share, I’m going to share that with you too!

I love to blog. Six months ago, I started a hobby that I never would have thought would become such a major part of my life. And as much as I hate knowing that I don’t have the time to devote to it that I’d like, thus is life.

So until I can figure out how to best juggle all the corners of my life, I hope you all know that I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me all this time. Remember, I’m not going away! Just taking a little breather. 🙂

Because we can all use a breather every now and then, right?

So my “Questions for the Day” today are important, and I’d really love if you could help me out!…

  • What would you like to see remain constant on the blog?
  • What aspects of the blog do you look forward to reading?
  • Any other suggestions are welcome!