It’s Time To Celebrate…With The COB!

Tonight was another special dinner for the family! Instead of some good ‘ol home cooking, the fam decided to meet up at one of out favorite local pizza places, The Redfront.


The Redfront has one of the most delicious pizzas around, but it’s definitely quite unique compared to all of its local competitors. The pizza of choice for my whole family is the COB Pizza:


Sliced cheese on bottom (hence the COB), with tomato sauce on top. One of our pizzas, as always, was ordered with peppers & onions.


So incredibly simple, yet so delectably delicious. 😛


While we were there, I enjoyed 2 pieces of the good stuff. 😉


So WHY exactly were we out for a special dinner you ask???

Well, because it was THIS guy’s BIRTHDAY!


Hehehe…Happy Birthday, Dad!!! 😀

At the risk of sounding too sappy after the little birthday tribute to my brother earlier in the week, let me just say this…


My Dad is my rock.


He’s never once let me down.

He can still make me laugh at the drop of a hat. (To say that I get my humor from him would be an understatement.) 😉


I will forever and always look to him for guidance, comfort, and support.


And when I think about all of the qualities a Dad should have…he has them all. Plus more.


Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Thanks for being you, and thanks for helping make me the person I am today. 🙂

23 Years Ago…

Man, I am a lucky girl! I got to have another delicious, home-cooked meal tonight, courtesy of mi Madre!


Homemade chicken parm + shells with homemade sauce. Mmmm mmm GOOD. 😛


Tonight’s dinner wasn’t just any dinner though…today is actually a very important day for somebody special in my life! :mrgreen:

It’s my brother’s BIRTHDAY!!!


I can’t believe my “little” brother is 23 years old today?!? 😯

I’ll admit…23 years ago when this guy came into my life, I wasn’t always super excited about having a younger brother. It would annoy the crap out of me when he’d do things like mess up all my Precious Places, tattle on me with any and everything he could think of, and try to spy on me when my friends were over.

Oh, and let’s not forget all the attention he stole once he showed off his cute, chubby face. 🙄 I’d pick on him pretty bad, always saying it was ok because he was “smaller than me.” My parents warned me…he wasn’t always going to be smaller!


But then it was time for the “little guy” to start Kindergarten, so I guess you could say my “Big Sister” instincts started to kick in and he became a little less of a pain. That’s not to say there still weren’t days where I would have been happy to trade him away for a few extra Lisa Frank folders. 😉


As we grew older, I think it’s safe to say we went through some “Love/Hate” times, which is nothing out of the ordinary for siblings. My parents were right – he definitely wasn’t “smaller” anymore. But once we were both finished with high school, I’d say we really started to become close.


And now I can honestly say that I don’t know what I’d do without having him around.



To the best little brother a girl could ask for…


Happy Birthday, Dan!!

And on that note, it’s time to call it a night. 🙂

Question for the Evening:

Do you have any siblings? Are you close with them?