How To Dress Up Your Baked Good Gifts

Remember the other day when I was getting ready to send off my Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange gift??


Well, a couple of the goodies tucked away in that package were some of my homemade baked goods. 😛

After spending all those hours slaving away in the kitchen baking cookies, nothing satisfies me more than when I’m able to “share the wealth” with all those around me. 🙂

If I’m not creating cookie platters to bring to work, or sending trays in to work with the hubby, I really enjoy packaging everything up nice and neat for my recipients.

First, I start off by finding some cute little boxes to hold my goods. This year, I was able to find these little cuties at Wal-Mart for only $1.50 each.


Then I try to use some festive-colored plastic wrap + a little curling ribbon to seal in the freshness of the baked goodies. Simply lining the inside of the boxes with tissue paper (or parchment paper) helps keep everything from “squirming” around. 😉


When I give a gift of cookies or baked goods, I almost always like to include the recipe. Not only is it fun sharing it, but I think I have even more fun creating the recipe cards!


This year, I simply typed up the recipes into a word document, and sized them to about the normal size of an index card. On the front I include the ingredients…


…and on the back are where you’ll find the directions. 🙂


To make things even more festive, and eye-catching, I usually try to find some different clip art images that “fit the bill.”



Hopefully my recipient will enjoy her gifts! 🙂


Because I know I sure enjoyed the gifts that I received! I was beyond excited when I found out who my “secret blogger” was…


The one and only, Tina! 😀

Turns out, Tina totally knows the way to my heart…

Pretty silicone cupcake holders (I’ve never tried these before!!!)


Appropriately-themed cupcake recipe cards & notepads



And this absolutely adorable apron! Is this not wicked cute, or what?!? I can’t WAIT to start putting all these goodies to good use.


Thank you SO MUCH, Tina!!

Question for the Day:

What special touches do you like to put (if any) on the gifts you give away??

18 Responses

  1. Love love love all the cupcake stuff–she has good taste, and so do you! 🙂

  2. Nice job with the packaging of your goodies. It’s the little personal touches that make them special. I’d be very happy with one of them. Want my address?? 😉

  3. Love your gifting ideas! That apron is adorable!

  4. Very cute! I love how festive and fun the treats look, and the recipe cards are fun too!

  5. I like to package them in clear bags with fun ribbon myself! Your gifts are so cute. LOVE that apron!

  6. I absolutely LOVE how much you bake. I bake a lot too, but your blog is even more of an inspiration for me to get in the kitchen…which I’m going to go do right now!!

  7. You look so good in that apron!!! Like I said, I saw those things and immediately thought “Courtney”. 😀

    Love the idea of including the recipe with the gifts. I never do that.

  8. I do cookies with similar packaging for my cookie gifts as well, but you went all out with those recipe cards! How cool!!

  9. Thanks for the ideas! I love the recipe card thing! 🙂
    That apron is lovely! I must find one like that…!

  10. Such nice gifts from Tina! She did a great job finding stuff for you! 🙂

  11. i LOVe this! your packages are so happy and pretty!

  12. How nice!

    I wrap baked goods in clear bags and add a ribbon to it. May try to take more time before Christmas and work on the presentation.

  13. That apron is so freakin’ cute. I love it! What an awesome gift!

  14. How cool that Tina had you! 🙂 Your great is awesome! 🙂

  15. Aw… so bummed I missed the gift exchange… looks like fun! Hopefully next year 🙂 Gotta keep my eyes open for these funn activities floating around!

  16. i m envy.. i want to chrismas gift!

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