Feelin’ The Jitters

I am literally up to my ears in work right now! 😯

It’s always a little extremely hectic the night before the first day of school with students…I swear I get the jitters worse as a teacher than I did as a student. Such conditions definitely called for a quick and easy dinner.


I heated up some leftovers from my Roasted Veggie Casserole. There’s still at least two more servings left…easily. 🙂


I also cooked up a MorningStar Farms veggie burger, crumbled it up, and mixed it with some lettuce, tomato, red onion, and honey mustard…


…and tossed it into a Joseph’s Sandwich Size Whole Wheat Pita Bread. LOVE these things! 



I was really in need of a workout today. Not only because it’s been two full days since I’ve had one, but I also needed it to help relax my mind. (Which has been running at 110% since yesterday!) I was originally planning on hitting up the gym after work, but decided I wanted something a little more relaxing. I headed home and did two of my favorite workout videos from Exercise on Demand: 10lb Slimdown CORE & 10lb. Slimdown YOGA. They both really did the trick – I felt like a brand new person afterwards! 😀

Time to get back to this work…my stomach already has butterflies! GAH! 😯

Question for the Night:

Did/do you ever get nervous before starting up school again every year?

9 Responses

  1. i would get nervous and excited!!! good luck with the new school year! =) it’ll be great!

  2. Yes! I always used to get nervous before starting school. THANK GOD this is the first year that I don’t have to go back because I am done with college.

    Good luck with starting school! How neat that you’re a teacher.

  3. I was the nerd who got excited about it in college… which lasted about a week.

    I hope everything goes well! I’m sure you’re going to have a great school year! 🙂

  4. I would ALWAYS get nervous for a new school year! But it was a good kinda nervous.. more an excitement.

  5. love love love extv workouts! so nice to be able to do them from home and also have so much variety. i’ll have to check these ones out, haven’t done them before.

  6. Heck yes I get nervous. I always walk around with a list of my classes and classrooms in my backpack, in my hand, and in about every text book. I feel like it takes me about a week to actually believe I know were I’m going

  7. I always get a tad nervous…and I’ve been in school 16 years!! Good luck, darling : )

  8. Good luck on your first day!!!!!

    My only two years out of college have been spent out here so I feel a bit disconnected from the whole back to school thing, but I am already excited/anxious about starting grad school NEXT year! i miss being a student.

  9. Always nervous, couldn’t sleep! I went in a few months ago for observation hours and was so nervous then too.

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