Old Navy Love

I achieved a new goal at the gym today!  During BodyPump, I did ALL of my push ups on my TOES!  This is a HUGE accomplishment for me, as I have always been a push-up-on-the-knees kinda gal. 😉  I felt so strong with such a great sense of accomplishment!  Who knows what’s next for me?!? haha

After BodyPump, I showered up (at the gym for the first time – an interesting experience, but I’d do it again if needed) and headed over to the mall on this glorious day.  Seriously, it’s beautiful out today! 8)  I had a feeling I might get a few tummy grumbles shortly after the gym, so I packed up one of my fave Clif Z Bars.  Yep, it was thoroughly enjoyed in the dressing room. 🙂

Old Navy totally rocked today — I had such a hard time choosing what to get.  After making some tough decisions, I ended up with these new goodies:

Purple & White striped dress – *I REALLY want to figure out a way to make some pockets in this dress — does anyone have any idea how I could do it???

Black & Grey striped tank vest (looks a whole lot better on a body than a hanger!)

Pretty tanks in purple & melon (some people are weird about buying more than 1 of the same shirt – I say, if it fits, gimme ’em all!) 😉

And of course, I had to stock up on the flip flops – who doesn’t love a pair of flip flops for $2.50 each?!?

Basic black, white, & grey

The best thing was, Old Navy is having 30% off the entire store through today only, either in store or online.  If ordering online, just enter ONBIG30 at checkout!  All of this only came to about $55.00, and since I had a $25.00 gift card, this girl only spent about $30.00!  Now that’s my kinda shopping! 😉

After my victory buy at Old Navy, I continued to browse around a few other stores, but kept myself from pulling out the wallet – except for one thing…

I treated myself to dessert before lunch with a delicious Caramel Light Frapuccino.  These babies are frozen heaven through a straw!  Knowing I still hadn’t eaten lunch, I kept portion control in mind by ordering a “tall”.  It totally did the trick. 🙂

Unfortunately, I think it may have spoiled a little of my appetite, because by the time I got home, I really wasn’t all that hungry for a big lunch.  But no worries, I’ll break things into 2 mini meals this afternoon:

Mini meal #1 – carrot sticks + grape tomatoes with hommus & some Kashi Honey Sesame crackers with a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese

I had no idea that my hommus was pretty much GONE – I had to scrape the entire container down just to get this sorry looking blob.  Good thing I’m hittin’ up the grocery store later! 😉

*Here’s another reminder for this week’s Fashion Friday – Readers Edition post!

Question for the Afternoon:

What’s the best achievement that you’ve made (or goal that you’ve reached) with your workouts lately?

24 Responses

  1. love those tanks! Too cute. I need to hit up old navy, looks like they have some good finds right now.

  2. Ahhhh…..I’ve been meaning to hit up the Old Navy…great deals.

    And I’m seeing so much more definition in my arms. LOVE IT. And the push up thing is something I’m working on every week!!!

  3. Yay on the pushups!!!!! A girl can never have too many flip flops either. Hmmm, I guess that last thing I did that I was super happy about was my last 5K time.

  4. I love the purple tank top – so adorable!
    I think the biggest achievement I made in terms of working out lately has been buying a gym membership. My husband and I just moved to an apartment for the summer and their workout room only has an elliptical and treadmill. I decided that a 3-month gym membership was definitely worth the price! Because I want to get my money’s worth, I’ve been heading to the gym every day so far (only taking Sundays off!).

  5. Love the Old Navy finds! I’m wearing one of their dresses right now, it’s so comfy and summery. That’s awesome about your pushups! I’m going to body pump tonight, so maybe I’ll attempt that?! And I have never had a caramel frapp but I’m thinking that needs to be changed immediately 🙂

  6. I refuse to buy any Old Navy flip flops now, since they changed their “foam” they used on them. I hate the grid pattern on the new ones, and I still wear my very old black ON flip flops like no other.

    Are the new ones alright? lol.. clearly they are because you bought three pairs. But I’m just sooo picky.

  7. I love Old Navy…one of my favorite stores!

    My best workout acheivement as of late is qualifying for the NYC Marathon!

  8. Cute purchases. Victory in the sale!

    I just went to a lyrical dance class after not having danced for years. Loved it so much!

  9. I did the Old Navy thing on Saturday!! I got a bunch of cute stuff too- & not to worry, I got 3 of the same shirt- in white, black & purple- haha! They were having the 30% off when I went as well- saved like $50! woohoo!! Love that 😀
    Although they didn’t have the ruffle-ly tank tops when I was there- super cute!!

  10. I’m seeing lots of definition in my arms and srarting to in my legs finally.

  11. Awesome finds! I love ON for comfy and cute things like that. And I am totally a gal that will buy a shirt in more than one color. If I like something and it’s a deal, I’m stocking up!

  12. good deals girl.

    i said i would run at least 3 miles every single day and at least 8 miles every other day on longer cardio days. i’ve missed one day so far because of a dentist appt but i’m doing well in this department i think.

  13. Hey Girl! I just found your blog today and LOVE IT!! I’m like you, so proud when I transitioned to on-the-toes push-ups….my next thing is conquering pull-ups. Drives me nuts that I can’t do them. 😉
    I bookmarked you on my blog so my readers can check you out! I’ll be back regularly!

  14. CONGRATS on the pushups what a cool thing! I have to say- I’d love to do all my pushups on my toes! also love the old navy steals. I really like the tank tops-I think I’m gonna have to hit up my old navy and see if they have any

  15. Great job at Body Pump! I’m off to a class tonight and my goal is to get through the lunges without skipping any. They always kill my legs and I have to take a break!

  16. Great thing you keep on going with a healthy lifestyle!

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