Pub Grub

Howdy Howdy!  I’m gonna make this post a quick one because it’s later than I expected and I am more than ready to hit the hay!

First off, no luck with the phones for today. 😦  Jay says that the Droid is supposed to be coming out with a new model sometime in late July or August, so he wants to wait for that.  Ok, I understand that it would be nice to get the new model…BUT, they’re on sale AND buy one get one FREE.  I don’t know…I guess the bargain shopper in me is more concerned than the technical side!  We’ll see what happens…maybe if I get enough of you to say how awesome the first Droid is, he’ll cave…hmmm?!?!?……. 😉 (hint*hint*)

After running a couple other errands, Jay and I were more than ready for some dinner.  It was almost 8:30 and we were HUNGRY.  So we picked a local pub to just grab some quick “pub grub”. 🙂

Jay swore that the wings were “amazing” here and he really wanted to get them.  I’m really not a huge wing person; could totally take ’em or leave ’em, but I figured I’d give some a shot.  We were able to convince our waiter to split an order of 10 into 5 & 5: 5 bbq & 5 garlic parm.

I helped the man out by trying one of each.  The garlic parm wing was definitely yummy…for a chicken wing.  I took the little guy in the middle down there with all that garlic, and stayed away from the chunky ones.  I HATE the wings that have one bone and the chunky ends…yuck!  I’ll take my wing with 2 bones, please. 🙂

For my dinner, I ordered “The Mile High Club” sandwich, which came with roast turkey, ham, provolone, bacon, lettuce, & tomato.  It said the bread was some sort of berry wheat…I don’t know, I wasn’t seein’ it?

This guy was BIG!!

I took off the bacon and gave it to hubby, since he loves his bacon, and I could really take it or leave it.  I also got rid of one layer of bread…I can make do with 2 slices of bread on my sandwiches!  The sandwich was actually very good, and the turkey tasted like the “real deal”; not the slimy stuff you can get from the deli!

One thing I hate about club sandwiches: I always cut the roof of my mouth with the toasted bread!  No matter how hard I try, it happens every time.  Grrrr! >:-o

I made a pretty decent dent in everything, minus some bread.

I may have to satisfy my sweet tooth with one of my cookies before the night is over!  And just to let you guys know…there have been numerous cookies consumed and undocumented the past couple day!  Last night I probably had about 4, and two more so far today.  They’re just too good to pass up!  I think I might need to give away the rest…I have no willpower! 😉

What food do you have zero willpower for?

For me, it’s cookies and ice cream, no doubt! 😛

6 Responses

  1. I’m a boneless wings kind of gal. I’m aware they’re not “true wings”, but I have no talent or patience when it comes to eating around the bone…

    I have no will power when it comes to cookies and fries.

    • HAHA, that is definitely true for me too! I’m a MESS by the time I’m done trying to eat around those stupid bones! 🙂
      Good call on the fries…I forgot about those!

  2. homemade desserts! No power to resist them

  3. Pizza and coffee. But not at the same time.

  4. ha – i always cut the roof of my mouth too!

  5. i can leave the fries and pizza no problem but i cant say no to desserts!!

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