Are There Bees in the House?

Seriously, all day long, it has sounded like there are swarms of bees in my house, and I keep having to remind myself why…ahhh yes, the WORLD CUP has been playing non-stop on our TV today!!  Jay and I both enjoy watching and playing sports, but once the World Cup starts…forget it.  He is hooked to the tube!  (*Fun Fact: Jay was actually a NY State Champion in soccer in high school!  It was totally a turn-on 😉 )

Despite the constant horns buzzing in the background all day, I’ve actually been quite productive (hence my lack of post this morning, sorry guys!)  As soon as we got up (Jay set his alarm for 7:30 to start watching soccer…) I got crackin’ on some schoolwork (it’s report card time!) and enjoyed an easy breakfast.

A heaping 1/2 cup each of Kashi Heart to Heart & Kashi Go Lean with some blueberries and skim milk (I miss my vanilla soy milk!)  Now, there aren’t a whole lot of foods that I still measure, but cereal is one of them.  Otherwise, I’d most likely be taking in 3-4 servings worth…I just love the stuff! 😉

I also enjoyed a nice mug-o-joe (brewed by the hubby himself!) while working away. 🙂

I worked on report cards for a good hour and then took care of a couple other things on my weekend “to-do” list (bank, laundry).  Mid-morning, I started feeling snacky so I broke out two of my FAVES:

Kashi crackers + Maple PB = Carb+Protein Bliss!!!  I probably snacked on about 10 or so crackers + lots of PB. 😛

Shortly after snacking, it was time for a run.  I completed my favorite 45 treadmill interval run workout, and even amped up my speeds on most of the intervals.  WOOT WOOT!  After 45 minutes, covering just shy of 4.5 miles, I was a “schweddy” mess (<— this actually had me laughing out loud because it reminded me of the “Schweddy Balls” SNL skit with Alec Baldwin.  If you’ve never seen it, you HAVE to watch it! 😀

Finally, it was time for some lunch, and I really just wanted something fast, so I scrounged the fridge and came up with nothing out of the ordinary.

A strawberry Chobani with fresh strawberries…YUM!

2 Livin Spoonful crackers with melted provolone cheese…SO good with melted cheese!

And some leftover roasted cauliflower enjoyed “chilly” style. 😉

After lunch, I made another dent in my “to-do” list, by tackling my recipe binder…

I started this binder when I was still living home with my parents, so it has LOTS of recipes in there, many of which I really don’t even use.  On top of that, I have also had a quickly growing stack of recipes (dating back to NOVEMBER) which had yet to be added to the binder!  YIKES…what have I been doing?!?  Check out this mess…

I sorted through ALL of them, took out any “flops” or “failures”, and added in the newbies!  Here’s our friends who didn’t make the “cut”…

And here’s some of the newbies to join the binder!

I’m already feeling much more organized!!  Hopefully this will help me out when it comes to planning some dinner recipes. 😉

The rest of today involves a few more errands, hopefully going to check out some new PHONES for Jay and I, and dinner out somewhere that is yet to be determined! 🙂

There is one last quick note to mention which is VERY important…


Congratulations on 28 years of a fantastic marriage!!!!!!

Question for the day:

What kind of phone do you currently have?

Jay and I have been looking at quite a few of them, and I think we’ve finally settled on the Droid.  Does anyone else have this phone? Like/dislike??

8 Responses

  1. We’ve got bees over here too Courtney!!! I was impressed with your running mileage today. Being a newbie to running myself I feel like I’m never going to get there. I’m exhausted after a half hour and a “schweddy” mess! I’ve also been meaning to ask you if you had any ideas for low-fat late night snacks? It seems as though I’m always a little hungry around 9:00pm and apples don’t quite do the trick.

    • Hi Jeanine! You’re right, apples wouldn’t do the trick for me either! What if you tried adding a little peanut butter to it? Some of my other favorites (which are usually sweet, thanks to my darn sweet tooth):
      -small bowl of cereal
      -jello fat free pudding topped with strawberries and/or granola
      -Clif Z Bars (LOVE them! You can get them at Sam’s Club)
      -100 Calorie bags of kettle corn
      -Kashi crackers – they’re amazing
      I’ll have to think a little more about this and put it in a post…thanks for the idea! Hope that helps for now. 🙂

  2. Aw! Thats so sweet, your parents:)
    My upgrade from verizon is next week and I was planning on getting the droid too- My bf has it and loves it. I dont know though- I have bad luck when it comes to phones. Hmmmmm.

  3. Cute recipe binder! I need to get my recipes together too. I have them scattered everywhere and a bunch online. Organization is needed!

  4. Ha! Those annoying horns! I was like what IS that?

    I have a Blackberry, but my Matt has a Droid and he LOVES it!

  5. I just got the new blackberry curve from verizon yesterday. I love it. BBM/internet access/organization is great. My best friend Alex has the droid and really likes it too though.

  6. Oh my gosh- that’s so FUNNY that you have one of those recipe notebooks too! I have yet to organize it- go you for tackling that this weekend 😀
    I need to do it asap because it is getting OUTTA control & quickly! lol!

  7. Zomg! The bees are still buzzing here! Mike has been making a “beeline” for the World Cup every spare minute he has. =) Good thing I like soccer!

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