Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe, Day 5

Day 5 – 10 Tips to Building a Better Summer Wardrobe

So I had a few ideas floating around in my head about what I wanted my last fashion post of the week to be about, but it was just too darn hard to decide!  So, rather than choosing one, I decided to combine tid-bits all of my favorites into one!

(A picture from our recent Honeymoon to St. Lucia!) 8)

My Top 10 Tips

1.  Look through your closet for clothes you wore last summer. See if they still fit, are still in style, and are in good condition.  If not, consider donating them! 🙂

2.  Break out the brights! Think colorful jewelry such as hoop earrings & bracelets, belts, scarves, and bags. If you’re short on these items, consider checking out stores like Claire’s Accessories, Aldo Accessories, Target, etc.  You can easily find cute, inexpensive jewelry, bags and accessories.  Remember, this stuff isn’t so much about the “quality” – cheap means you can go more for “quantity” with this fun stuff!

3. Don’t stay prisoner to your favorite black leather bag.  Switch things up with a more neutral color, woven straw, or brightly patterned bag to “go with the flow” of the season.

This is a Melie Bianco Rosette with Leaves Hobo.  I LOVE Melie Bianco bags, and have purchased them in the past.  They’re GREAT quality and I would highly recommend them!

4. Invest in a flowery, flowing, printed sundress for a classic, effortless summer look. A dress can take you to dinner by accessorizing with heels and a shawl, out with friends by pairing with flat sandals & fun jewelry, or to work with a tailored jacket or cardigan over it.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

I found this dress at American Eagle – super cute!  If you want to check it out, click here.

5. Purchase a pair of “where anywhere” white pants.  This is a summer staple item that I can’t do without! Choose them in fabrics like cotton with a little stretch or denim, and pair them with a bright t-shirt for a more casual look or a floral tank for a dressier night out.

LOVE these white linen pants from Gap.  You can check ’em out for yourself here!

6. Make sure your summer wardrobe includes basic cotton tees and tanks which can be paired with jeans or shorts.  One of my favorites: Old Navy Long Perfect Tanks in EVERY color!

7. Summer hats can be super cute, while also protecting your skin and hair from the sun.  These are great for days where you know you’re going to be outside for a while.

Here’s a cute hat from Gap that I found.

8. Find the perfect swimsuit to get ready for the beach or pool parties. Purchase a versatile cover-up that can take you to the pool and lunch.

For a quick, totally adorable cover up, try a sarong like this one from Old Navy!

9. Compliment your summer look with stylish sunglasses to keep you from squinting and getting crow’s feet around your eyes, and to protect those peepers!  Make sure to choose a frame that will be flattering for your face shape.

Yup, that’s Me…SUPER cheesin’! 8)

10. Keep your look polished with the right shoes. Strappy heeled sandals are a MUST for summer.  Also to keep in mind: gladiators, flip flops (Hellooo, 2 for $5.00 at Old Navy!), chunky wedges, and canvas sneakers.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite summer shoes…ENJOY! 😀



I LOVE SHOES!! I definitely get my love of shoes from my Mom 🙂  Now, here’s my new, FAVE pair!!!…

How CUTE are these?!?  They’re actually the shoes that I’m going to be wearing for my friend Joelle’s wedding, which isn’t until October…I have a feeling they might have to be “broken in” a bit before then! 😉

Well, that does it for this week’s Summer Wardrobe fashion tips! 😀

I really hope that you all enjoyed reading through everything, since I know I had a really fun time posting them all!  If you have any questions, comments, or feedback in general, PLEASE feel free to let me know!

Would you like to see more of this stuff????

4 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh those shoes are off the hook cute!! Love them!!!

  2. What are some of your favorite stores to shop at? I need to hit up Old Navy–they usually have some decent things–and you really can never have too many tanks 🙂 esp nice and long ones 🙂

    • Yes, Old Navy tanks are perfect for summer! I also like to shop at Forever 21, Macy’s, Express, Gap, Target, H&M…but at the more expensive stores, I’ll only shop with my coupons! 🙂

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