Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe, Day 1

So as promised, each day this week I will devote to one tip that you can use to help make the most of your current summer wardrobe.  Some of you may be trying to cut back on extra expenses (hello, just bought a house!), so use whichever tips you like to make yours look “like new”!  ENJOY! 🙂

Day 1 – Play With Accessories

Occasionally, I like to start with a “basic” outfit, such as this.  I love taking a basic white tee and dressing it up with different options!  For work today, I chose this basic white tee and paired it with a skirt I bought last year from NY&Co.  For a casual night out, feel free to go with jeans, capris, or shorts.

Accessory Choice #1: Chunky Belt

A belt can help add sophistication and style to your basic outfit.  You’ll need to decide whether you want thick or thin, depending on how it’s going to be worn.  A thicker belt looks great draped on the outside of a shirt around the hips.  A thinner belt looks great worn in belt loops or around the smaller portion of your waist.  Chunky belts aren’t off limits to this part either – take a look at my outfit here:

This belt is made of elastic on the sides to help give you a better fit.  These are just a couple choices, but you can so totally have FUN with this!

  • Make Your Own! Satin ribbons in a variety of colors can give any outfit “pizazz”.  Head to a craft store, pick up some ribbon, maybe some flowers, and get creative!  Be sure to cut the ends in a V which will help prevent fraying.
  • Check  Your Jewelry! Got a necklace that can do double duty?  If it’s long enough, try it out around your waist!  Sometimes it can add an awesome touch to your outfit.

Accessory Choice #2: Add a Fun Necklace

I ended up buying this necklace off of a clearance rack for $4.00…and it’s so cute!  Again, you’ll need to pay attention to your outfit, specifically the neckline of your top.  Unless you’re wearing a longer necklace like the one shown above, you should be careful to not let it cross the neckline of your shirt.  Shorter necklaces with a fun, chunky charm or other eye-catching piece are best worn around the collarbone.

  • Play with color!  Choosing pieces that highly contrast your outfit will give an awesome, eye-popping effect.  Just make sure it compliments your outfit.
  • Pair a more formal piece with a casual outfit.  I love pairing jeans, a white tee, & some heels with a funky, statement necklace.  It gives style without looking like you’re trying too hard.

So go ahead, give one a try!  We’ve all got some sort of basic outfit to start with.  Choose one that works for you, then pick an accessory and have FUN with it!  That’s what fashion’s supposed to be about! 🙂

Got any other ideas for belts or necklaces?  Do you like to accessorize with these?  Share your thoughts here! 🙂

5 Responses

  1. I’ll be looking forward to this series! I dont have a lot of extra money that I will be spending on clothes this summer! I love the necklace idea! so many ways to change the look of the outfit!

  2. Love love love that necklace!

  3. Love the suggestions. I’m all about necklaces and bracelets for sprucing up an outfit or changing it up. Shoes also make a difference don’t they!

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