Caught Red Handed!!

So after carving our turkey last night, look what I just so happened to come out to find in the kitchen!!

Cody was CAUGHT RED HANDED!!  But he did really enjoy that turkey! 😛

Ok, so onto breakfast.  I have been seeing the Green Monsters around the blog world for quite some time now, but was always a little too leary to try it…I mean, it’s GREEN!  BUT, last night I decided I was going to try it, so I threw a banana in the freezer and was ready to face my fears…

This thing was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  I could not believe how tasty it was!  And you couldn’t even taste the spinach.  These will definitely be showing up more often!  Here’s what MY Green Monster consisted of:

– 1 frozen banana

– 3/4 cup light vanilla soy milk

– 1 scoop chocoalte protein powter

– 4 cups spinach

– 1/2 cup frozen raspberries

It was like a chocolate raspberry smoothie!  YUMM-O! 😛  I don’t know how I feel about now having the hot cup o’ joe after the cold smoothie, but I was overruled by the hubby who had a very early morning today and requested it hot. 

I was in a TOTAL rush this morning because a) I was running late anyways (no surprise) b) I didn’t make my lunch last night, and c) I couldn’t find my camera!!  20 minutes later, I found it at the bottom of our basement stairs…thank youuuu Cody! (GRRRR!)  So today’s lunch was quickly thrown together.

Under the strawberries is a container of dannon light ‘n fit vanilla yogurt, 2 tbsp granola, celery & carrot sticks, 1/2 an Arnold sandwich thin with peanut butter, and a fuji apple.  This will most likely give me two mini meals this afternoon, to keep me fuled for BodyAttack tonight! 😀

Happy Tuesday!!

5 Responses

  1. I love orange cats! I had my Corey for almost 17 years! (I still miss him!)

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